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    treasure hunt

    This weekend we had some friends over for a camp out at our house and Dave had the idea to make a treasure hunt for the kids. There are 5 kids under the age of 7 so we knew they’d be all over it (and let’s be honest, the two of us had a blast planning it). We made out clues, each leading to another until the final clue led to the treasure map. Dave wanted it to be a bit of a learning experience for the older kids, so he was sure to teach them about paces and direction. {disclaimer: I’m not a professional photographer…these were taken with my…

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    4th of July sparkle

    I am so honored to be part of American Crafts Glitter Campaign this month. They sent me a slew of their new glitter products (mine was a patriotic theme) and we were given free reign to create whatever we wanted to share with our readers! I decided to do a few very easy crafts with my glitter goods – so that just about anyone can make their own too! The pictures practically speak for themselves, but I’ll give a little tutorial on each craft so you can see how easy they are and how great these glitter products are! The {garland} is very easy if you can sew a semi-straight…

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    Craft Tuesday {cigar box refashion}

    Happy Craft Tuesday! A few weeks back my mom called me from Goodwill. She said they had a plethora of cigar boxes and wondered if I wanted any. I asked her if they were old (because I like anything old and junky) and she said she didn’t know, so I packed Ethan up and we headed to Goodwill. They weren’t old, but I did have a vision for them.

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    Craft Tuesday {printables}

    Happy Craft Tuesday! Today I’m going to share some inspiration via printables I’ve found online. Lindsay has created a fabulous fall printable – head on over and print that baby out and put it in an 8×10 frame…I did!This is a printable I made earlier this year and it’s still sitting in a frame in my living room, reminding me every day of what’s important.Printables for mom & about momA whole slew of Bible art printables – so cute!What are some of your favorite printables?