sparkleI am so honored to be part of American Crafts Glitter Campaign this month. They sent me a slew of their new glitter products (mine was a patriotic theme) and we were given free reign to create whatever we wanted to share with our readers! I decided to do a few very easy crafts with my glitter goods – so that just about anyone can make their own too! The pictures practically speak for themselves, but I’ll give a little tutorial on each craft so you can see how easy they are and how great these glitter products are!

garlandThe {garland} is very easy if you can sew a semi-straight line on a sewing machine. You punch out different shapes of the glitter cardstock and simply put two glitter pieces back to back and sew! When you get to the end of one shape you add another until you either run out or make the garland as long as you want!

bucketTo create the {bucket} I originally started with horizontal lines, but realized that due to the varying width of the bucket there was no good way to get the lines straight. So I improvised and am even happier with how it turned out. Simply measure the height of your bucket and cut the glitter tape to size. Peel off the backing and stick it on the bucket. Add a few paper stars from AC’s line and you’re all set!

flagsTo make the {flag skewers} you only need some wooden skewers, glitter tape and scissors. Cut the tape to the size you want x2 (mine were about 4″). Peel off the tape backing and put the skewer in the middle, however far down you want the flag. Press the ends together and then squeeze the rest of the tape to itself.

flags2Lastly, with sharp scissors cut a cute little {flag shape} at the end by cutting out a triangle. Easy peasy lemon squeezie! On the ends of the skewers I placed some hand dipped chocolate & sprinkle mallows. The kids were super excited about this part of the project.

E-sparkleI can hardly contain myself with how cute she is and how old she’s getting. She said that helping with this photoshoot was the best because she got to eat the marshmallows. A sweet-tooth girl after my own heart. Hands-down my favorite product that I used from this American Crafts set so far is the glitter tape…it’s so versatile and can be used for so many different things…I’m already dreaming of making some easy greeting cards with it!

decorYou can {find out more} about American Craft’s products by visiting their website and follow along with them on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Who’s ready for the 4th of July?

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Can I be real for a second? Lately I haven’t had the motivation, time or energy to try to put a tutorial together. Most of my creating is either with the kids or for the business – but I’m extremely grateful that I get to stay at home every day. I hope that in our new house I’ll have a slightly different setup, allowing me some work space and non-business space so that I can be creative again and post some new tutorials! Here’s to a creative summer!

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to look at my analytics and see what some of the favorite tutorials have been in the past year. I have to be honest that I was surprised by some of the most-viewed and had already known others. If you have done any of these (or end up doing them) please let me know. I love to see what you all make so link up in the comments if you’ve used one of my tutorials and blogged about it!

fabric wrapped bangle gathered clutch sewing tutorial chicken wire frame purse pulls tutorial chore magnets tutorialsuitcase refurbishWhat have YOU been creating lately? I’d love to hear about it – inspire me please!!

Today I’m revisiting a tutorial from last year that I loved and had so much fun with (I’ll be making more for gifts SOON). It’s the Glitter Ornament Tutorial. It’s super easy and fun – and who doesn’t love glitter? Let’s get started!

All you need is some blank glass (or plastic) ornaments, Christmas rub-ons, glitter & diamond glaze (or other thin glue). Spread out your rub-ons and pick ones that are appropriate for your ornaments. I used my Christmas ones from StampinUp! but also used some “friend” phrases for an ornament for my best bud. Being very careful, place your first rub-on onto the ornament.

Carefully rub on the rub-on (that sounds funny) with a plastic tool or Popsicle stick. Make sure you don’t squeeze the ornament too hard, you don’t want to break it and shatter glass in your hands. Keep adding rub-ons until you’re happy with how it looks. Be careful not to drop your ornament…not like I know from experience or anything. Then create a funnel with a spare sheet of paper.

Here’s where there are two different ways to glitter the inside. First I’ll tell you how I did it on my sample, then later I’ll explain how I did it for the other 3 that I made. Take off the top of the ornament, pick out your glitter colors and add them to the inside of the ornament. You’ll only need about a teaspoon or so at first.

Then, drip your diamond glaze on the inside…you’ll need quite a few drips. Covering the opening with your finger (or your finger and some paper towel) shake, shake, shake to cover the inside. You’ll add more glue & glitter until the inside is as sparkly as you want. Allow it to dry upside down so that the excess glue will fall out. Then finish it off using tulle or ribbon and hang it on the tree!

(Alternatively, for the rest I made dots of diamond glaze all over the inside of the ornament as my first step. Then I put in a few sprinkles of each color while turning around the ornament. Then I shook them, adding more glue and glitter. Both methods have the same result.)

If you’re a person who does NOT love glitter (what?!), here’s another easy way to make a beautiful ornament and it’s super easy. Cut scrapbook paper into 1/4″ strips. Curl the paper around a pencil and then put the paper curls inside the ornament. (and if you want you can add a little bit of glitter to the bottom for sparkle when you shake it). Add some tulle or ribbon to finish it off.

Pretty ornaments for your tree! Happy crafting!

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