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april goals

Here we are again – a new month which means new goals. I half considered not posting about goals this month, because it just quite didn’t go as planned in my mind. But, that wouldn’t be very authentic, would it? So here they are!

March Goals:
1. create a “for a cause” item
 – I created a bracelet for the Pick’d market, in which a portion of the proceeds went to the Acts 28 church planting ministry. I only sold a few, so I have a bunch of bracelets left over which will be in the shop in the next few weeks. Sales from this bracelet will continue to help raise money for a cause that is yet to be determined. If you have suggestions of what charity that money should be donated to, leave a comment below!

2. read a Christian book – I read Crazy Busy…so good and an easy read. you can see my review here. It was a short book so I kind of feel like I cheated on this one 🙂

3. lose 6 more pounds – Seemed like an easy goal based on how I’ve been doing so far, but I’ve had stomach trouble all month and it just didn’t work out. I did lose a couple pounds though and have continued to work out. Just didn’t see the results I hoped for. I’m beginning to think that my dieting caused my stomach trouble, so that’s disheartening. Gotta find a balance.

4. dates with the kids – I took Ellie on a date to paint pottery and we had a blast, but ran out of time to take Ethan on an one on one in March. He did go with Dave to play mini golf while E and I had girl time so he didn’t completely miss out. Next month I’ll have some time with my bubby.

5. tax papers ready – didn’t have a choice on this one…taxes are done. Not exactly what we expected or hoped, but at least our estimates were close.

6. continue to work on the budget – I’ve been doing the budget the same way for the entirety of our marriage and we’re switching it up now…but so far it’s going just fine. A work in progress that will never be “complete.”

April Big Goals:
1. research wholesale and brainstorm collection
2. pray about a mentor
3. lose 5# (and hopefully don’t have any more stomach problems)
4. start investing
5. Handmade Vintage Market ready (jewelry booth & coordinating the market itself)

What are your goals for April? 

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 ESV

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