Encouragement, round 2

Back in September as I was preparing for a trip to California I pondered what to do with the travel hours all by myself. I decided to send out a request for those of you who needed encouragement with great response! I sent over 20 cards that weekend and was happy to pray over every situation and person that I sent a card to. Last week I sent out another handful of cards to readers who needed a little bit of love.

Well, I’m sending out the offer again, but this time it will have a permanent place on my blog (see it there ——->>>>>>). I’ll have this open at any time, for anyone who needs encouragement (in the US, if you’re international, I’d be so happy to send you an encouraging email and pray for you!!).

So what do you need to do to receive encouragement? Simply fill out the form below and I’ll start praying (and send a note if you leave your mailing address).

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About Amy Cornwell

Hi, I'm Amy! I'm married to a wonderful man named Dave and we have two children. We have lived in Indiana our whole lives. I've always been creative in some sense, whether it be scrapbooking, stamping or making jewelry. I love creating items to celebrate life's events!

One thought on “Encouragement, round 2

  1. Thank you Amy – Your note arrived at the end of last week, and was really a blessing. I so appreciate you taking the time to be an encourager to me. I hope your Easter was wonderful. Christ is risen!

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