Amy is married to a wonderful man named Dave, has a beautiful daughter who was born in October 2005 and a son who was born in August 2008.  Amy loves all things creative. She lives on the north side of Indianapolis with her family. She loves making wearable art that helps celebrate all of life’s events whether that be a birth, marriage, death or celebrating everyday life.

The History of Amy Cornwell {as a business entity}

1990′s – I made jewelry for my classmates during Freshman year of High School to raise money for Spring Break

2003 – I attend a jewelry party and decide, “I could do this!”. That was the start of it all. Thanks to a wonderful friend named Tammy I had my first very successful at-home show.

2004 – I licensed my business and made it all official. I continued having jewelry shows and opened my online store at amycornwell.com selling beaded jewelry and metal tins.

2005 – I took a metalsmithing class and continued to expand my craft.

2007 – I decided to try out stamped jewelry. Stamped items quickly took over my shop and in the next few years my beaded items became nearly obsolete.

2009 – Christmas 2009 was the first year I needed to have assistants helping me get through the busy season. I was so thankful to have two wonderful friends helping me process and ship orders nearly every day.

2010 – The growth of the business has been amazing and encouraging. In 2010 I started doing more metalsmithing work with soldering and more complex pieces. I had my first paid employee in 2010 helping me process orders.

2011 – In 2011 I took the leap and quit my day job to pursue creating full-time. You can read more about it here.

2012 – This was another record year. The past year working at home full time has been wonderful. God has blessed the business immensely and I’m so excited to ship items out daily to help people celebrate all of their life’s events.

2013 – Continuing on the path of giving back, we did campaigns so far this year to raise money for the Troxel Family adoption and the LLS. A portion of every single sale continues to go to our home church to support their vision & mission.

About Our Products
All items on amycornwell.com are designed and crafted by Amy Cornwell in her studio using fine materials such as sterling silver, gold-fill, gemstones, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals. All silver items on the site are sterling silver and nickel free.

Charitable Giving
A portion of each month’s sales are given to the local church. I also make special products to raise money for charities such as the Bracelets for Goats I did in 2010. I have also donated many items to auctions and other charitable causes. In 2011 we did a series called “Make the Difference” with my first item being one to benefit Love146. Continuing on the path of giving back in 2013, we completed campaigns to raise money for the Troxel Family adoption and the LLS.